What Is Pain-Free Dentistry?

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Are you nervous about going to the dentist? Does the thought of your next appointment make you automatically wince, as if someone has already caused you pain? Do you suffer from dental anxiety? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then pain-free dentistry may be just what you need to make your next dental visit a breeze. But what exactly is pain-free dentistry?

Dental Technology Makes Your Appointment More Comfortable

One of the newest pieces of dental equipment to make your life easier is DentalVibe®! This tool is a handheld device that provides local anesthesia without any pain or discomfort. The DentalVibe tool literally blocks the pain signals from traveling to the brain. This helps eliminate discomfort at the site of the injection, alleviating that awful feel of dread that most patients feel with the initial shot of anesthesia. This allows you to enjoy the rest of your appointment pain free!

Super-Strength Topical

One of our favorite anesthesia options has a great name, The Best Topical Ever. It’s a highly effective anesthetic that we apply topically. It eliminates pain before we begin any type of intensive dental procedure, including scaling and root planing (also known as a deep cleaning), and before injections. This topical anesthesia makes any shots, needles, or other procedure completely painless, allowing you to relax and enjoy your appointment without any discomfort.

Our Promise to You

We want you to feel completely relaxed during your appointment. Going to the dentist should not have to be such an unpleasant experience! After all, we just want you to be healthy and cavity-free. This is why we offer other options to make your appointment go smoothly. We offer both nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation to keep you completely relaxed.

Want more information about our pain-free dentistry options? Have some ideas about how we make you or your family more comfortable? Call our office today! We look forward to seeing you at your next dental appointment.

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