Exceptional Patients, Exceptional Care

We believe that perpetual learning, creating, and innovating is essential to providing amazing care and a more rewarding life for all. Our patient-focused culture commits us to delivering honest, high-quality, and comprehensive care that maximizes the value for the patient, so that each patient can realize optimum health.

Exceptional Patients, Exceptional Care

Core Values:

  1. Serve and support our community
  2. Perpetually learn, create, and innovate
  3. Deliver care in a safe and comfortable atmosphere
  4. Support the excellence and happiness of all team members
  5. Emphasize preventive dentistry and maintaining optimal health
  6. Offer maximum value to our patients and act in their best interests
  7. Foster mutual respect and honesty among patients and team members
  8. Provide honest, high-quality, comprehensive care for the whole family
  9. Commit to continuous personal, professional, and practice development
  10. Craft an exceptional patient experience and build long-term relationships

Dental Care With Integrity

Dr. Game works hard to ensure his patients are taken care of in a way that our patients will appreciate. He wants you to feel comfortable and secure in the decisions affecting your health by keeping you in the loop every step of the way. When a diagnosis is made, Dr. Game will explain in detail everything you need to know about your recommended treatment. The decision is always yours, and you’ll be fully informed to make the one you feel comfortable with.

Our philosophy is to create long-lasting relationships by cultivating a trustworthy bond with our patients. Dr. Game will help you maintain a lifetime of quality oral health that you can be proud of.

We’d love to team up with you to give you the smile you deserve! »

Stono Dental Care

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